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    Zombasite (2016) [En] (1.015) License GOG торрент скачать бесплатно

    Опубликовал: Админ | Дата: 6-11-2017, 05:00 | Просмотров: 0

    Дата выхода: 23 августа 2016
    Жанр: Экшены, Инди, Ролевые игры
    Официальный сайт: ссылка
    Разработчик: Soldak Entertainment
    Издатель: Soldak Entertainment
    Релиз от: GOG
    Язык интерфейса: Английский
    Язык озвучки: Английский
    Язык субтитров: Английский
    Версия: 1.015
    Тип издания: License

    Требования для системы

    Операционная система: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
    Процессор: 2 ГГц Dual Core
    Оперативная память: 512 Мб
    Свободного места на жестком диске: 350 Мб
    Видеокарта: GeForce 2 или лучше

    Таблетка: Не требуется (DRM-Free от GOG)


    Zombasite - постапокалиптический экшен-рпг с зомби, действие которого происходит в динамичном, развивающимся фэнтези мире. Станьте лидером группы пытающихся выжить во время нашествия зомби, созданных тёмными эльфами. Легче сказать, чем сделать. Ваш отряд мал и потеря даже одного участника существенна. Эпидемия зомби очень заразная и мертвые быстро захватывают окрестные земли. Еды не хватает, торговцы редки, а ассортимент их магазинов скуден. Кланы людей сражаются с монстрами за доступные ресурсы. Даже в вашей группе не все спокойно...
    Попробуйте выжить в зомби-апокалипсисе в мире фэнтези.
    Благодаря генератору мира, каждая новая игра отличается от предыдущей.
    Ведите группу выживших, каждый со своими способностями и умениями.
    Исследуйте динамичный, развивающийся и живой мир.
    Стройте отношения с другими кланами используя дипломатию, торговлю и военные действия.
    Ваш выбор по-настоящему влияет на ход игры.
    Запускаем установочный файл.
    Следуем инструкциям программы установки, не обращая внимание на возможные предупреждения антивирусной защиты.
    Играемся...Скриншоты установки:
    11.03.2017: Игра обновлена до версии - 1.009.
    18.03.2017: Игра обновлена до версии - 1.010.
    14.04.2017: Игра обновлена до версии - 1.011.
    05.11.2017: Игра обновлена до версии - 1.015.
    Patch 1.015 (02 November 2017)
    fixed NPCs not following through gates (initialization issue of defensive raids feature coming in expansion) (Caal)
    Orb of fortune now uses correct level for items like relics (Destro*)
    dust of destiny now uses correct level for items like relics (Destro*)
    Changelog for patch 1.011/(Windows)/(Mac)/(Linux) (added 12 April 2017):
    - now each time a healing potion is used to heal zombasite infection and fails, the infection gets weaker, so the next potion is more likely to work
    - increased chances of getting a rarity bump when identifying an item from 0.01 to 0.05
    - changed sound when getting an item rarity bump to be way more noticable
    - misidentify bonus can now go past very rare items
    - now if the game purges an inactive level, it won\'t respawn everything if the player comes back to that level
    - halved rumor costs
    - increased monster respawn time from 600.0 to 750.0
    - fixed collision on 2 of the rock types in Freya Meadows
    - fixed a closed block in Freya Meadows that looked like you could walk into it
    - increased chances of NPCs getting infected
    - fixed a rare crash dealing with projectiles - now check in projectile if skill parent is same as passed in skill owner, if not no longer saves skill
    - doubled secret stash spawn chances
    - doubled mana stone regen
    - added text so that you know which quests are started from the Zombie Threat
    - decreased zombie plaguebringer spawn chance from 3.0 to 1.5
    - decreased parasite health mult from 0.5 to 0.4
    - raiders from other clans no longer stick together as much (makes them a bit easier and less pathfinding issues)
    - orc clans now start more orc uprisings and town attacks against enemies
    - fixed clan NPCs not getting promotions some times on level up (Sharjin)
    - increased chance of rebuilding a house when NPC is doing construction focus by 33%
    - bounty hunter quests are now optional
    - made mana potions go about 50% faster (still same amount, just over less time)
    - now ignores damage of item when salvaging (mostly means get more crafting materials and you can salvage broken items)
    - spies much more likely to ambush when engaged
    - can now use guards that are 3 levels higher than your level
    - decreased FreeRecruit dialog chance from 0.2 to 0.05
    - test_checkAreaCollision for towns now just checks the edges to spawn less warnings
    - fixed a bunch of collision issues along edges of towns
    - can now zoom in/out minimap with mouse scroll
    - pageup/down now works on world minimaps
    - now when minimap zoom changes through mouse scroll or buttons it automatically updates the minimap without playing needing to move
    - pet monster types can no longer be guards
    - now secrets and special room prints go to event box (but don\'t go to log)
    - can now change blip color of objects in their database entry
    - halved lure volume
    - no longer print arch-nemesis text even time loaded
    - now show doors on NPC Locations screen
    - now any quest can have an icon like the nemesis quests
    - npcs no longer talk about clan wars of clans we haven\'t discovered yet
    - made always works type of skills repeat if the button/key is held down - makes it a bit easier to use these type of skills and is more consistent
    - fixed a small issue with individual loot stuff
    - fixed some guard/pet confusion with Torvas, Hulks, and Death Knights
    - added VerySmall and Tiny fonts
    - an object can now add a world modifier on use
    - world modifiers can now add an enhancement to players
    - now if help text can\'t fit on the screen it will drop to very small font
    - now if help text still can\'t fit on the screen it will drop to tiny font
    - secret levels now use normal world random numbers instead of session ones
    - changed save version to 210
    - now save _lastUsedSecretLevel
    - made secret stashes fade out in 1 second instead of 5
    - now chests health per level is a float instead of int
    - spider webs now have half as much health
    - darkness/bright level/world modifiers no longer affect player/entity lights
    - now only monsters that can use tactics can start fires
    - no longer get new personality event text from other clans
    - now wait for scorpion sting to finish before moving on
    - rescue people now have portraits for when they use dialog to call for help
    - now only get NPC left and joined another clan if was originally in your clan
    - higher end chests are no longer allowed to be purged when too many entities
    - added Only draw entities option in editor - makes it much easier to see some issues in levels
    - fixed a couple food stolen prints
    - now pedestals find free spots
    - no longer create gates for invalid clans
    - ghost revenge text no longer mentions clan name
    - changed Infection Mutation to Mutation to fit modifiers area better
    - improved town attack repealed npc text
    - now mark correct parts red if don\'t have enough money for rumors
    - changed Easy prey! to Easy prey (coordinated attack)!
    Changelog for Patch 1.010/GOG-8 (Windows)/GOG-4 (Linux)/GOG-6 (Mac) (added 14 March 2017):
    - fixed not being able to set npc focus directly on clan screen (BlastProcessing)
    - moved bulletin board a little so not in the middle of pedestals (Taleana)
    - updated copyright to include 2017
    Changelog for Patch 1.009/GOG-7 (Windows)/GOG-3 (Linux)/GOG-5 (Mac) (added 09 March 2017):
    - improved minimap world map so that they are both much more smooth (less pixelated)
    - changed miniMapZoom default to 16 and update old configs if at old default value (lets you see more on minimap)
    - Fang clan now ask for more sabotage
    - Collectors now ask for more Ancient Artifact deliveries
    - Heart of Gold now ask for more gift deliveries
    - Eternal Darkness now specializes in sending assassins and starting plagues against enemies
    - Demon Spears now specializes in starting uprisings against enemies
    - Inferno now specializes in starting sieges against enemies
    - Fang now specializes in sending poison assassins against enemies
    - The Scourge now specializes in sending town attacks against enemies
    - Dragon Claw now specializes in starting machine quests against enemies
    - Eviscerators now specializes in starting wars against enemies
    - Little Titans now specializes in sending scouts against enemies
    - Order of the Moon now specializes in sending bounty hunters against enemies
    - Reptilian Terror now specializes in sending poison assassins and starting machine quests against enemies
    - The Enlightened are now much more likely to try peace talks
    - Nemesis clan is now much more likely to pay to kill enemy clan recruits
    - fixed fast projectiles sometimes going through target without hitting it
    - fixed parasite mutations affecting zombies instead of parasites
    - levels now stop respawning when all quests have been solved in an area
    - now on level name highlights tells you whether or not a level is active (still respawns monsters) or not
    - made bounty hunters change levels much more often
    - no longer try to put clans into fake edge areas occasionally
    - more vendors spawn in the world now
    - now can have 10 more entertainers that are productive
    - increased guard drop chance from 0.0075 to 0.01
    - fixed totem guards auras not working correctly
    - fixed another problem with some guard types not spawning
    - fixed war quests that aren\'t given to another clan not starting correctly
    - changed clan quests they start to improve themselves from only when low on quests to a random chance any time
    - raising skeletons on higher rarity dead monster increases chance of higher rarity skeleton (Sharjin)
    - fixed bosses sometimes retreating to areas not accessible by the player (cfiend)
    - Earth Mastery now improves Quake Strike skill
    - assassins and scouts can no longer kidnap unless they have breached the town walls
    - assassins and town attacks can no longer poison NPCs unless they have breached the town walls
    - Alchemist renegades now have much higher chance of using potion, elixir, and resistance potions
    - fixed relic losing its level when uncursed (Dorok)
    - added individual loot option for multiplayer (Varkon)
    - disable party member dialog option now applies to your pets (Destro*)
    - changed list item selected color from red to gold to be less confusing (Obviously Unsound)
    - slider notch now changes color when highlighted and when being used
    - slider background now changes color when highlighted
    - scroll bar now changes color when highlighted and when being used
    - now when drop down box is highlighted or open, outline with seperator
    - check boxes now changes color when highlighted
    - tabs now change color when highlighted
    - changed Load Existing Area to Load Current Area
    - changed save version to 203
    - enter now works on delete character confirmation UI
    - enter now works on delete area confirmation UI
    - changed mace skill icon so 1 handed and 2 handed skills looked different
    - no longer spawn soulstone if playing a hardcore character
    - fixed scrolling not working on parts of select character UI
    - entities no longer turn if killed
    - increased fog chance in rain from 0.2 to 0.35
    - fixed some braziers in Bottomless Dungeon not being usable
    - force move no longer works when console is up
    - can now mod the chance of having a Nemesis
    - world can now specify monsters always wander
    - world can now specify monsters are always active
    - can now make dungeons have another dungeon underneath
    - world can now change the max number of dungeons per level
    - now a nemesis chance of 0.0 will turn off archnemesis also
    - can now have random beginning quests specified by world
    - scout location quests can now be completed without accepting them
    - can now make entities fade out when in way - InWayMinFade in entity definition
    - now do can see through stuff on dungeon/cave entrances and dungeon stairs
    - fixed bulletin board, crafting station, and teleport not always spawning in a valid position (other objects in way)
    - moved quests started from Zombie Threat to database so can be modded
    - item effects will now show on monsters NPCs
    - now save/load all items for monsters
    - can now give a monster a base item/base magic modifier combo - so can give a monster something like a poison sword
    - can now turn off random world modifiers in world database
    - moved clan armory slot on npc equipment screen for new focus stuff coming in expansion
    - changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 61
    - now show guards on npc locations map
    - fixed killCovenantMembers not killing all of the guards
    - added SpawnGuardItem cheat
    - added page down/page up to editor to change blocks
    - now level blip in towns shows at center of town
    - forced clan levels to load before spawning their objects
    - changed item common/uncommon colors to be slightly different
    - changed item rare/very rare colors to be slightly different
    - now will get a quest to recharge your teleport stone soon after you use it
    - fixed clan raiders sometimes starting fires in a different area (cfiend)
    - fixed zombie uprisings and town attack stats not working correctly when quest is not accepted (cfiend)
    - fixed modding ItemNormalRandomMagicModifiers above 0 breaking items like potions and food (Destro*)
    - replaced light intensity with combat experience on character screen since more important (Destro*)
    - now all potions and elixirs show version number (Destro*)
    - fixed NPC name in some rescue dialog text (Dorok)
    - pets no longer follow leader if that leader has been kidnapped (Dorok)
    Время раздачи: По мере возможности... (до первых 3-5 скачавших)

    Онлайн видео Enchanted Kingdom 2: A Strangers Venom

    Zombasite (2016) [En] (1.015) License GOG
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